It is never “done”. It is always in-between

I guess a lot of people would agree that when we read about career paths, career development, career success, etc. the majority of verbs we use are static: “made a career, achieved career success, failed with career”. It’s as if there is the tendency to talk about a career while referring to points which are all static and never end.

To be honest, it is not very surprising. We tend to live out our careers in the same way as we tend to live our lives – as if it they never end.

But the fact is – no matter how happy or unhappy you are with your career today, it is worth remembering: It is not “finished”, it is not “completed”. It is always in-between.

When consulting and mentoring I have noticed, that the “in-between” concept is quite frightening, even for the people who are searching for the career change. The wishful thinking is to “skip it”. A lot of efforts are being mobilized to finish something – quit the job, quit the position – and the next moment to do something else. To find something certain, that ensures feeling that we are already somewhere “certain and stable” again. Not in between. It takes time to come to the thought that sometimes the uncertain “in-between” is very important and even necessary.

And if it is relatively easier to adapt to this way of thinking with someone who is getting ready for change, it is extremely difficult to challenge someone who is currently well established in their career. Especially if it is a successful one. It is extremely difficult to stop for a moment and think that it is not eternal. It is not indefinite. It will end or transform in one way or another, with bigger or smaller involvement. As even though you are enjoying some point, some state, it is crucial to remember – you are still in-between. You know how you started the last journey. Do you have an idea, how you want to end or transform it? How do you imagine what you are in between career wise? What do you want to do to get ready? If you don’t want to do anything or chose not to, what are you in between of in terms of career? 

I really like the existential thought that one starts truly living his or her life when realizes and accepts that one day it will end. The whole life we are in between birth and death. All career steps, stages or moves are also described by some beginnings and endings. Despite how happy or unhappy we are with a career, we are always in between. So in order to live a vibrant and full career life it is worth to question yourself constantly – what I am in between?

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