I will wait…

I remember I was struck after one consultation, where the unhappy person was operating in “I will wait” mode. I remember I left the room totally exhausted, with a sense of despair and a feeling that I had been working hard trying to push the responsibility back – no, I am not deciding for you!

I was climbing the stairs after this session and thinking, why would anyone want to hire a person in this state? I couldn’t find the answer. I thought “you would wait for ten more years, mate”. I was also having the feeling that it was hard even to be close. Not thinking about working together.  And gosh – it is so difficult when someone thinks:

I am not earning enough, so I am not going to make an effort. If they pay me a lot, I will start to care and to perform.

I am working hard, therefore I should be noticed and offered another job. I am not going to apply myself – I will wait and see when they will manage to understand, I am ready to move.

I am suffering in my current job, but I will not tell anyone. I will wait until they understand themselves. My manager’s role is to make me happy. I will wait till they succeed and be angry until they fail.

I will wait and plan and think about next my career move. Sometimes life just brings the possibilities. I will wait and use one (if it fits me, of course).

I will deny all the imperfect offers and will wait for the perfect one. Why would I change my work to make it difficult?

I have some ideas of what my mission is and I will wait till someone offers me position which matches my mission perfectly.

Usually we find these “I will wait” people have very low energy levels in organizations. Usually they spend long time in one position. Usually all colleagues know them. They could be quite good in solving working issues, but denying the necessity of managing their own career issues. They get angry if you challenge them: why anyone would want to pay you more when you demonstrate no ambition? Why on earth you would employ a hope strategy in your own career and rely on it?

It is said in existential philosophy, that we start truly living only when we consciously accept that we will die. I think it could be usefully transferred to the career consulting – how much time do you have to wait? As career time, the same as life time, is not indefinite. So why would you wait? Or if you chose to wait – let’s make it clear – it is your choice and your decision. 

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