We believe that successful career is one that is living. Evolving in different ways and smoothly incorporated into the life you want to have. Career is then a part of the overall field. If you change or decide not to change your career it has effects on other areas of your life. Choices are better when they are consciously chosen. Driving you into the same direction as to what you want to create in your life.  We hope our thoughts will be helpful for you to reflect about your choices and career you are living.

 Agnė Jonaitytė-Karalienė:  I’m organisational psychologist. I’ve been working in Human Resources for around 14 years. Now I’m developing my consulting skills through study of Gestalt psychotherapy and practicing  psychological consulting. I’m also very interested and ready to work on career consultations.

For a long time I was thinking that I don’t care about career or that maybe career is for someone who wants to be a leader. More recently I’ve understood that people usually expect something from their organisations in terms of their career and organisations don’t have what to offer. Everybody gets frustrated. So, I’ve started to learn about career and found for myself new field of interest and it’s still evolving and changing with practice. 

Milda Autukaitė: I have been very lucky while choosing my career in the very beginning. I still remember my horrible confusion while finishing school when I did not  know where to go. My greatest career coach at that time was my mother, who said, “I think you might be interested in psychology”. Today, I am organizational psychologist trained working with groups and consulting within a psychodynamic tradition. Working in Human Resources for more than 14 years, I have  become more and more passionate about understanding the inner dynamics of organizations and people working in them. This brought me to consulting using the Group Relations method developed by Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK, London). While also being hugely interested in psychotherapy I believe consulting on careers and roles we take up in organizations can make big impact on both the people and organizations we work in.